Why Us

Enviroscore Online products and services are offered by a not-for-profit initiative called the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health.

As one of Australia’s leading waterway health report card initiatives, our team has been developing data driven web-based environmental report cards since 2012.  The absence of suitable off-the-shelf products on the open market at a realistic price point during establishment of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health was the impetus for building an innovative solution in-house rather than accepting the status quo. As a result, Enviroscore Online is now ready to fill the data driven web-based environmental report card gap as a quality solution in the niche reporting marketplace.

For a healthy Fitzroy Basin

We live and breathe environmental report scoring and understand the complexities associated with bringing your results to life in an engaging yet scientifically robust manner. Selecting Enviroscore Online also ensures that Fitzroy Partnership for River Health can continue to provide a more complete picture on river health for the Fitzroy Basin, because we use the same data management and visualisation platform as we provide to many of our clients.

For your environment

We are now in a position to offer Enviroscore Online, which is exactly the kind of product we were seeking several years ago. EnviroScore Online is an online environmental report card data management and reporting solution offered at a reasonable price point.

Our solutions are now being actively sought by those looking for appealing online reporting products, supported by robust science that communicate complex data simply, for greater understanding by all stakeholders.

For a better future

By selecting EnviroScore Online you are making a valuable contribution to a positive future. Proceeds from your payment will be reinvested to improve Enviroscore Online with the objective of offering a superior product for all end users.

Finally and most importantly, our altruistic end goal is to offer a LITE version of the Enviroscore Online Suite at minimal cost to help support resource poor communities around the world to tell a better story about the health of their local environment. By selecting Enviroscore Online you are making a difference in helping us collectively reach this goal.

Join and innovate with us today as Enviroscore Online evolves. Together let’s score our way to a better future.

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