Why Score

Enviroscore online provides solutions that support a better understanding and increased knowledge of your environment.

In turn, this helps to guide more informed management decisions for healthier ecosystems. Grading is an internationally recognised ‘language’ that supports the community in better understanding how well we are tracking compared to a particular goal or benchmark. This grading can be used and applied in an environmental context to help easily communicate the current health and trend of our local ecosystems. Grading and scoring our ecosystems helps to answer the critical questions:

Are we doing enough to maintain our ecosystems and the associated social and economic benefits, or is more action required?

The problem

Report cards are a great communication and knowledge transfer tool. However, despite the benefits, adoption is not high as they traditionally take a long time to prepare, are costly to produce and are quite static and unappealing. The large amounts of data that go into these reports usually rely upon manual labour in assessment and this introduces the potential for error in data processing and assessment.

Enviroscore Online has been designed to minimise these problems. Our solutions draw report card production into an online environment and utilise web programming to automate processing, assessment and visualisation. This cuts down the costs to reproduce report cards (particularly in subsequent years) and also reduces the risks of human error.

Visit our Plans & Prices page to explore the range of options we have, dependent on where your organisation fits in the reporting process.