Plans & Prices

At Enviroscore Online we can support any stage of the online report card development and delivery process. Enviroscore Online offers several products to cater for almost every budget and phase of the report card production lifecycle.

The Report Card Production Lifecycle is a useful reference in considering the offerings:

Enviroscore Online flowchart

Assess & Manage Data then Visualise:  Online Results simply and beautifully

This is the core focus of Enviroscore Online’s offerings. Our range of niche off-the-shelf and custom built online report card solutions are visually appealing and easy to comprehend, while also offering cascading levels of detail to appease the most extreme data junkie. Review the product specifications of our standard, premium and custom solutions below to find a product that meets your needs.

Plan and Monitor: Robust Program Design and monitoring

While not the core focus of our offerings, we know that every good report card needs a master plan. If a program design and associated monitoring hasn’t yet been developed for your report card, then Enviroscore Online can help. We offer program management services to oversee the various components of program design and monitoring phases of report card delivery. Our team have been in the environmental report card game for nearly a decade and have a very good understanding of the report card development and delivery landscape.

During project establishment, we offer a service to work with you to scope out the project requirements. We will then match these requirements with a selection of proven internal and external solutions and expert service providers from our pool of contacts to match requirements and budget. You can then either choose to take on the project management during implementation or let us continue to look after this.

If you are interested in securing this service, then contact us to organise for a quote.

Informing Management

Influencing and informing management decision-making is the one aspect that we can’t control, but is a vital primary objective of environmental report card production.

Online report card products are developed with this goal in mind and we ensure off the shelf products are designed to help achieve this goal. For custom builds, we will work closely with you to ensure the identified end users will read the report, understand the results and support better decision-making processes.

Pricing and Product specifications for Enviroscore Online

What kind of online reporting product do you need?

Review the table below to consider which Enviroscore solution may meet your requirements.

(Not yet available)
Standard Premium Custom
Raw data – load & manipulate No No Yes (Existing Indicators) Yes (Any Indicator)
Monitoring sites – load and manipulate Yes (linked to calculated results only) Yes (linked to calculated results only) Yes (Linked to raw data and calculated results) Yes (Any Indicator)
Reporting areas – load and manipulate No (sites only) Yes (Using existing tiered framework) Yes (Using existing tiered framework) Yes (Existing or customised tiered framework)
Calculate indicator results –  automatic from raw data No No Yes (Existing formulas for existing indicators and high/low flow conditions) Yes (Existing or customised indicators and formulas)
Calculated results – load pre-calculated indicator results manually Yes (Existing Indicators) Yes (Existing Indicators) N/A (Calculated automatically from raw data) Yes (as required)
Apply thresholds to indicators Yes (Existing thresholds) Yes (Existing thresholds) Yes (Existing thresholds) Yes (Existing or customised thresholds)
Group Indicators and Apply Weightings Yes (Existing groupings, thresholds & weightings) Yes (Existing groupings, thresholds & weightings) Yes (with minor adjustments to existing groupings, thresholds & weightings) Yes (Existing or customised groupings, thresholds and weightings)
Colours and fonts Yes (Standard) Yes (Existing) Yes (Minor Adjustments to Existing CSS files) Yes (Existing or customised)
Chart, graph and area visualisation Yes (Standard) Yes (Existing) Yes (with Minor adjustments to Existing) Yes (Existing or Customised)
Temporal scale of reports Annual Annual Annual Annual or Customised
Icon set Yes (Standard) Yes (Existing) Yes (Existing) Yes (Existing or Customised)
Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes or API to external database if required
Online report Reports section on enviroscore website Reports section on enviroscore website Iframe that can be embedded in client website Multiple options
Mydata admin portal Yes Yes (Load and manipulate calculated data, view draft reports before publishing) Yes (Load and manipulate calculated data, view draft reports before publishing) Yes (existing plus customised as required)
Support (Build Year) No Yes Yes Yes
Pricing: Build Year Free – you build online $5,000 $10,000 $10,000 base fee
+ additional customisation fee (Arrange a Quote)
Pricing: Annual Maintenance Years N/A $0 (maintenance support and fixes available at $150 per hour) $300 (includes up to 3 hours maintenance support and fixes) $300 (includes up to 3 hours maintenance support)
Pricing: custom improvements after build year N/A Arrange a Quote Arrange a Quote Arrange a Quote

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